What God Wants You To Know, He Will Reveal It

What God Wants You To Know, He Will Reveal It

Eve fell into Satan’s trap because she was inquisitive.  Like most wives, when we hear of a secret or a lie we tend to plan stakeouts, hire private investigators or become one ourselves.  Fact is that God placed the tree where Eve could see it, he just asked that they not touch it.  So Satan wasn’t bringing Even any news that she could not see for herself.  But he caused a distraction by telling her to touch it, eat it, consume it so that she will know all things both good and evil.

Spend your time praying and preparing for things to be right.

You could possibly see al the signs of something not being right, but God does not want you to be consumed by the knowledge of it.  He wants you to trust him.  Be wise enough to see (watch) and prayer about the things that are evil and will bring destruction to your marriage, but don’t dig further into them causing death to your faith and/or your marriage.

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